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Skye and Lochalsh Faiths Together Group marked Scottish Interfaith Week with a local event on Saturday 19th November 2016 in Breakish Community Hall by Broadford. It was a cold frosty day outside but inside the hall it was warm and friendly. Some 14 people came along to discuss and comment on “A World of Difference – Challenging the Headlines” over a shared lunch. We discussed how the media can affect our view of religion and the role the media should play in influencing society's view of religion. We all recognised that good news is no news, and therefore the media will always concentrate on the bad. A recent study  has shown that our brains respond more strongly to information about groups who are portrayed unfavourably, and thus negative depictions of ethnic/religious minorities in the media can fuel racial bias.


After lunch we looked into aspects of social media in more detail. We noted the new term “post truth” whereby debate on social media is often framed by appeals to emotion and the repeated assertion of views to which factual rebuttals are ignored. We decided that probably the pros of social media outweigh the cons, and it is a must-use tool for small voluntary groups such as ourselves. Social media enables us to put out information and advertise meetings/events. It lets us share positive stories of faith and interfaith work, and maybe allows us to challenge some of the negative reporting and stereotypes about people of different religions, faiths and beliefs in the larger media.


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